Local People Helping Local Animals

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The dedicated volunteers of OHS have been helping local, lost and abandoned animals for more than 26 years in the Okanagan Valley.


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OHS Saves Lives and Ends Suffering

The Okanagan Humane Society (OHS) is a Registered Canadian Charity  #8888 17269 RR 0001 formed in 1996 by volunteers committed to solving pet overpopulation.  OHS carries out its Mission by:

  1. assisting low income families with access to low cost spay/neuter and sometimes medical care for their pets;
  2. rescuing, treating and rehoming stray, feral or abandoned animals; 
  3. promoting responsible pet care through public awareness and education.

OHS is volunteer run, and foster home based, relying only on donations and grants. We could not function without our supporters, volunteers and the care and compassion of our veterinary partners.

Pet Assistance Program

Low income families or individuals can apply for assistance here. This program requires application and qualification. It is dependant on income level, OHS’ resources, and veterinary partner availability. Veterinarians reserve the right to refuse service if applicant qualification is in question, or for any other reason.

Rescue Program

To report lost, stray, feral or abandoned cats needing help, apply here

Life on the Streets

Every year, hundreds of kittens are born to a life on the streets. This is not an easy life. A life full of danger and risk almost always ending in an untimely and tragic death from car strikes, disease, frigid temperatures, or predators. These animals all have a story. Some were once family pets, sleeping on the couch and being fed every day and became lost or were abandoned by their owners. These cats had to learn how to survive on their own. Others were born into this life and know nothing else. Feral, lost, and abandoned cats are still domestic animals and do need human intervention to survive. This may be rescuing and rehoming or for those that are too feral to live with a family but have managed so far, it could be providing shelter, food, and water. OHS is committed to helping save lives and end the suffering. You can help with this life saving work.

  • A donation of $75 will provide life saving vaccines, deworming, and ID
  • A donation of $200 will spay/neuter one cat and provide basic medical care including vaccines, deworming, and ID
  • A donation of $250 per kitten plus formula will rescue a litter of kittens and provide them will a safe place to grow until they can be adopted into loving homes. They will receive all medical care needed and go to their new home with a certificate to ensure they are spayed or neutered when they are old enough!
  • A donation of $500 will provide a pregnant mom a safe place to have her babies. We will ensure she is spayed and receives all medical care needed including her vaccines, deworming, and microchip.

Animals Cared For in 2021

Animals Spayed or Neutered Since OHS Inception

Cats and Dogs Available for Adoption

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On behalf of the Directors, Volunteers and Members of the Okanagan Humane Society, we thank all of the individual donors and the following granting agencies who generously support the animals we rescue:

Support from private donors and granting agencies is critical to our mission work. Without you solving pet overpopulation in the Okanagan would not be possible.