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52 Lives Saved!

It was a four-month long project and countless volunteer hours from one very special, extremely dedicated OHS volunteer named Darlene.

It all began on a rural property in Osoyoos when a few cats had made themselves at home on their farmland and near the barn. But within no time, these unfixed cats had multiplied, and the family called OHS for help.

Darlene visited the property and assessed the situation. There were more cats and kittens than she had initially anticipated and many looked ill. We needed to get to work as soon as possible to capture these animals and get them in for veterinary care.

She focused on capturing the sickest cats and kittens first and persevered for four long months until she had captured all 24 adult cats and 28 kittens.

The animals were all taken to our veterinary partner to receive the medical attention they needed which included treating upper respiratory infections, eye infections and removing the eyes of two of the kittens as they were too infected to save them.

Once stable, all the cats and kittens went in to be spayed or neutered, receive vaccines and deworming and a microchip for ID.

Darlene’s tireless commitment to the animals paid off as all 52 animals were saved and all 52 animals were adopted into loving, safe homes!

Cost of care: $30,000

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