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This is the story of Dobie

Dobie was found on a frigid winter day when the temperatures had plummeted to -24 degrees.

This poor boy was sick and emaciated with severely frostbitten ears and paws.

Dobie’s rescuer called OHS right away and we had Dobie rushed in for emergency medical care from a local veterinary partner.

Immediately, the staff wrapped Dobie in blankets to warm his tiny body and ran IV fluids for dehydration.  They gave him small bits of food as the veterinarian examined his frostbitten ears and paws. His paws were treatable, but his ears were in very bad condition.

Thankfully, the veterinarian was able to save Dobie’s life but could not save his ears. He sports a fun, new look!

It was found that Dobie had likely been on the streets for some time but was a tame stray indicating he had been someone’s pet at some point in his short life. Unfortunately, we will never find out how Dobie ended up on the streets. Did he stray or was he dumped and abandoned by his previous owners.

Dobie is now called Tommy, aka Tom Brady loves snuggling with his new mom and dad in a safe, warm, loving home.

Cost of care: $600


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