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Help Us Give Four Senior Dogs Life-Saving Care and a Second Chance

In the last ten days, the Okanagan Humane Society has taken in four senior dogs, all in desperate need of veterinary care, and all faced with challenges in regards to local shelters.

Each dog has its’ own unique story, with one common thread: The urgent need for medical care and compassion, which OHS was able to provide.

Above: Jax thriving in a foster home after getting surgery to remove infection from his mouth.

Jax, a 14-year-old Boston Terrier, was discovered by a landlord, left behind by his owners who were on the verge of homelessness. He brought Jax to the Kelowna BC SPCA before Noon, but was turned away at the door due to being outside of shelter hours. He was advised to call their animal helpline, but instead reached out to Romany Runnalls, our Volunteer President, who responded immediately to coordinate intake with our partners at Spall and Harvey Veterinary Hospital within the hour.

Jax was in a lot of pain due to infection in his mouth, and was incredibly anxious, not knowing where he was going or what was going on. He has since had all of his teeth removed except four and is thriving in a foster home, full of energy and feeling much better. He is on pain medication and antibiotics while he heals from surgery.

Above: Charlie after being was taken in by OHS Volunteer President Romany Runnalls, struggling to eat but grateful to be given a second chance.

Charlie, a sweet 15-year-old Shih Tzu, was brought to OHS when her owner passed away. At the time, Charlie’s teeth were so sore she was obsessively pawing at her mouth from pain and couldn’t eat properly. Charlie had dental work done last week and soon she will be ready to find her new forever home!

Mickey, a 10-year-old black and white Chihuahua, was found in the South Okanagan on Easter Sunday, starving, limping, and in serious need of medical care. Mickey’s rescuer called the local BC SPCA as well as animal control, but due to the holiday no one answered, which is when they turned to OHS and got an immediate response.

Mickey was quickly brought to Lake City Animal Hospital where he was named for his tiny spindly legs small body that made him look like a little mouse. He is currently living with a generous foster while he awaits surgery to relieve pain from serious infection in his mouth.

Above: Shadow enjoying his time safe and warm at a foster home while he waits to get life-saving dental surgery.

Shadow, an 8-year-old Min Pin, was found alone and abandoned in Falkland, his mouth so infected that he dripped blood into his water bowl. Shadow’s rescuer called animal control as well as the BC SPCA but was unable to get urgent help. Concerned for his well-being, Shadow’s rescuer brought him to Vernon Vet Clinic, who reached out to OHS, and once again the dog was immediately taken into OHS care.

While Shadow waits for surgery, he is being kept comfortable on medication at a foster home. Shadow is very gentle and quiet, and was given his name by his foster, who calls him her “little shadow”.

OHS is seeing a rising number of animals coming from the North Okanagan. So far this year, OHS has helped 309 animals from the North Okanagan, 88 of those being rescues. That makes up 33% of the 920+ animals taking in by OHS since January 1st of this year.

OHS provides around-the-clock response and communication with the community when it comes to helping animals. As a foster-based animal rescue, partnering with 23+ veterinarians throughout the Okanagan, OHS can take in as many as 200 foster animals at one time.

Because OHS is responsive, nimble, and able to act quickly, we have become not only a life-saving resource for local animals, but also a source of incredible relief to rescuers who are faced with emergency situations in the absence of response from local shelters.

As Runnalls says, “You can’t always schedule a rescue.”

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, two of these spunky senior dogs have already been through surgery and are on their way to finding forever homes – with two more to go.

We need your help to save the lives of local animals like Jax, Charlie, Mickey and Shadow.

Please consider making a donation to help us provide life-saving surgery for Mickey and Shadow, and support our busiest year to date. 

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