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About Us​

We are a passionate, dedicated team of volunteers working together to save lives and end the suffering of local animals in our community.


That all companion animals be spayed or neutered and housed with loving families.


Our Mission is to solve pet overpopulation in the Okanagan Region through spay and neuter, and to provide necessary medical care then adoptive homes to as many stray, feral, lost or abandoned animals as possible.


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The Okanagan Humane Society began in 1996 by a group of concerned citizens in Winfield, BC who could no longer bear to see the suffering of lost, abandoned, and feral cats and kittens in the orchards and on the streets.

The main mandate was, and still is, to spay and neuter companion animals so we can save lives and end unnecessary suffering of our local animals. Since inception, OHS has spayed or neutered an average of 1000+ local animals annually.

OHS is run by a dedicated and passionate network of volunteers positioned throughout the Okanagan, working directly with residents across the region to rescue animals from outside. Volunteers work daily to provide cost-efficient solutions to animal rescue and pet care including operating an entirely foster-home based society so animals are cared for in the comfort of volunteer foster homes. This model has kept costs down and allows us to have more animals in care at any given time.

Romany and Louvain
Louvain Schon, Founder and President 1996-2018, Romany Runnalls President 2018-Present


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