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Farm Cat Adoption Program

Give working cats an ideal home
Are you looking to adopt working cats for your farm or barn?

Throughout the year Okanagan Humane Society helps to spay, neuter, vaccinate and deworm many semi-tame and feral kitties. These cats are looking for great farm homes to live out their lives and are willing to work keeping rodents away, to earn their keep.

Please submit your application below if you would like to be considered to adopt 1-4 barn kitties at a time. All are fixed, vaccinated, dewormed, and chipped or tattooed. Most are under a year or two, with a few a bit older. All have the instinct to keep rodents away.

For their safety, they must be kept inside a barn or suitable outbuilding for a full month or two, such as in a tack room, storage room or feed room, with a window for natural light, while they acclimatize, before being allowed to roam the whole barn or property.

Permanent, year-round access to fresh food, water, and an insulated shelter that is heated in winter and well ventilated and shady in summer is also a requirement. You will be asked to provide information about your property and some photos of where the cats will be kept in the application process.

Please apply below and a volunteer will be in touch by phone:

Do you have a stray barn cat needing basic medical care?

If you have a stray cat on your property needing spay/neuter, vaccines, deworm and microchip, please submit an application to our Rescue Program here:

Barn Cats Available to Adopt
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You can help the lives of Okanagan animals

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