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Leave a Legacy

Help save lives for years to come!

Leaving your Legacy will ensure that we can continue to say YES to saving the lives of local animals.

Animals that need urgent medical care, spay and neuter services to help battle pet overpopulation, rescue animals that have been abandoned, lost or feral and provide support to those that face financial barriers to ensure we can keep families together!

YOUR Legacy gift will ensure we can continue to save lives of animals in need and give them the second chance they deserve.

If you would like to leave a gift to the animals in your Will, we recommend that you engage your financial or legal advisor to help create your bequest to the Okanagan Humane Society.

Together with your family, this professional can help you make the decisions regarding what you want your legacy to be, how much you can afford to give now, and how your estate can have the best advantage of tax planning.

  • You may choose to leave:An unrestricted gift to go to the highest priority needs of the OHS
  • Or designate your gift to one of the various programs offered by the OHS team in the Okanagan. We are happy to provide more detailed information on our programs as you make this very important decision.
    A gift in your Will may be a certain dollar amount or designated percentage of the residue of your estate.
  • You can also bequeath a specific piece of property like a home, securities, or other financial assets. The tax benefits derived from these gifts are often quite substantial.
Give through your Will

If you intend to leave a gift in your Will – large or small – to the Okanagan Humane Society, the process is quite straightforward. It is simply a matter of preparing your Will and including a phrase about your intention.

Sample phrase for your Will:

“I give to the Okanagan Humane Society ____% of the residue of my estate (or the sum of $______) for purposes determined by the Board of Directors according to the highest priority needs (or specify an OHS Program). Registered Charity: # 8888 17269 RR 0001”

Life insurance

Life Insurance is another great giving option. There are many ways to give, including giving ownership of a new or existing policy to OHS or simply naming OHS as the beneficiary.

OHS Charity Number to include in your information is: # 8888 17269 RR 0001

To learn more about leaving your Legacy to saving lives of animals, contact Marni Adams at or 250-448-8554 extension 4.

Donate Securities

Yes, I want to help save the lives of animals and give them the second chance they deserve.

A donation of securities or mutual funds is the most efficient way to give charitably. Since capital gains taxes don’t apply to the donor. OHS receives the full fair market value when the security is sold, and you get a tax receipt which reflects your contribution. This allows you to give more and get more.

Your donation will provide life saving medical care, spay and neuter services to help control the pet population and support those facing financial barriers to keep pets and people together.
To get started, contact your Financial Advisor. You can proceed directly with your professional or utilize our online donation form below.

OHS is a registered charity # 8888 17269 RR 0001