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Pet Assistance Program

Spay, Neuter saves lives and ends suffering
The Okanagan Humane Society is dedicated to providing cost efficient solutions to support our local animals.

Medical Assistance for Pets

Spay, Neuter, Vaccine, Deworm and Permanent Identification

The Okanagan Humane Society believes all animals need access to basic veterinary care including spay or neuter, identification, vaccination and deworming, whether they are owned pets or lost, abandoned or feral in our communities.

The Pet Assistance Program provides support for pets belonging to people facing financial barriers to ensure animals receive the most basic medical procedures and veterinary care when necessary to relieve pain and suffering. Volunteers work with a network of like-minded veterinary partners across the region to achieve this goal.

Application Process:

If you are very low income and need help accessing veterinary care primarily for spay, neuter and other basic services to relieve pain or suffering by your pet, you can apply for our Pet Assistance Program.

The Pet Assistance Program requires application and qualification based on:

  • Your household income level primarily and your housing situation.
  • Availability of OHS financial resources.
  • Veterinary Partner participation in your community. Note: Veterinarians reserve the right to refuse service if an applicant qualification is in question, or for any other reason.

Once your completed application has been received, you will be contacted by email usually within 2-7 days to establish your qualification and contribution amounts.

  • If there is an emergency that requires priority attention, indicate this in the application.
  • Once qualified, OHS will provide you and a selected partner veterinarian with an OHS CASE NUMBER via email including an agreed upon contribution from yourself and OHS and instructions to book an appointment.
  • You will then bring your pet to the clinic and pay your agreed amount to the clinic.
    If medical issues unrelated to the intended procedure arise, OHS will be contacted by the vet for cost estimates and permission prior to the procedures being undertaken.
  • Basic vaccines, de-worming and pain medications are provided at these appointments as needed.
  • To aid in the return of a lost pet, permanent ID by way of tattoo or microchip are mandatory.

Keeping Pets and People Together

OHS receives calls of animals in need of urgent medical care often. We don’t know when they will happen, what emergency will be, or how big the bill will be to pay.

YOU can help by donating so ensure lost, abandoned animals get the emergency medical care they need.

The Emergency Medical Fund is used to support medical procedures and surgeries from spay, neuter and vaccines to more extensive injuries including broken limbs or needed surgeries.

Animals Available to Adopt