The Okanagan Humane Society operates two primary programs: Pet Assistance Program and Rescue Program

Pet Assistance Program

OHS assists qualifying low-income families with access to low cost spay/neuter /vaccine/deworm and permanent identification for their pets and provides necessary veterinary care. Seniors, individuals and families on low incomes often cannot afford the costs associated with spaying/neutering and caring for their pets. To apply for assistance, please complete this online application an email address is required as you will be contacted by email.

*The Pet Assistance Program requires application and qualification. It depends on income level, OHS’ resources, and veterinary partner availability. Veterinarians reserve the right to refuse service if applicant qualification is in question, or for any other reason.
Upon receiving your completed application form, you will be contacted by email within 2 weeks for income confirmation and further information. Please indicate if there is an emergency situation that requires priority attention.  

Once qualifying for the program, OHS will provide email authorization to a partner veterinary and the owner with be required to make an appointment within 2 months of approval, deliver their pet as agreed with the clinic, and pay the agreed upon contribution directly to the clinic at the appointment date. Payment plans with OHS may be considered in certain circumstances.  

If medical issues unrelated to the spay/neuter (e.g. infections or dental issues) arise, OHS will be contacted by vet staff for costs estimates and permission prior to  procedures being undertaken. Basic vaccines, de-worming and pain medications are encouraged at these appointments as needed. To aid in the return of a lost pet, permanent ID either tattoo or microchip is a requirement.

Rescue Program

OHS works with community members to assist with rescue, spay/neuter and veterinary care for feral, abandoned, lost and homeless cats and kittens. OHS and veterinary partners assess each animal as it is rescued and strives to provide safe new homes for these animals wherever possible. However, feral cats are generally released back to their original location if they are deemed untameable as they cannot be fostered or adopted as friendly house pets. If the environment isn’t suitable or safe, an effort will be made to re-home feral cats to another location, such as a volunteer farm.

OHS relies on the public to help report and track individual and colonies of feral, abandoned, lost and homeless cats. We work to humanely trap cats in need, providing them with necessary veterinary care including spay/neuter service.

For assistance with a feral, abandoned, stray or homeless cat (or cat colony) please send information here:

Volunteers are needed to help with the Rescue Program and fostering. Please send information here if you can help:

Cats and Kittens Available for Adoption

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