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Volunteer with us

The gift of time has an impact

The Okanagan Humane Society is governed by a team of local volunteers that provide a solutions-based approach on a case-by-case basis with all the animals and people we serve in our communities.

We are a dedicated and passionate team that provides an efficient, cost effective and transparent approach to the work we do.

OHS serves Okanagan communities from Osoyoos to the Shuswap! Are you an animal lover and want to help?

Current volunteer opportunities include:

Being a loving foster family to an animal in need.

    • This opportunity is for dogs/puppies and cat/kittens or pregnant cats.
    • This may be for medical or rehabilitation or behavioural rehabilitation.
    • You will need a separate room in your house to foster cats/kittens.
    • You will support the animals needs in the time they spend with your family.
    • Help facilitate the adoption process by be available to prospective adopters.
    • Provide as much love and cuddles that you can! 
Be a part of our rescue team.
    • Helping humanely trap feral, lost, or abandoned animals and deliver them for vet care.
    • Acting as a guardian for colonies, providing food and water to feral animals that have received veterinary care and have been released back into the community.
    • Offering a safe location for spayed/neutered feral animals to live. 
Fundraising and Events. 
    • OHS holds one signature event a year to raise money and awareness for the society that requires a volunteer committee.
    • Third Party Events include companies or individuals that support OHS with their own fundraising event or initiative. These groups may require support at their event.
    • Trade Shows, Information Booths, Markets- These opportunities are generally a chance for OHS to get out into the community and create additional awareness for our organization and the programs we offer. Our volunteers will act as an ambassador to OHS and represent the charity in the community.
Other specialty opportunities. 
    • Offering office skills to help with operations.
    • Marketing, graphic design.
    • Social media
    • Photography/Videography

Get started by emailing or completing the form in the link below.

You can help the lives of Okanagan animals

Animals Available to Adopt